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Jumat, 18 September 2009


Nama Lengkap : Kim Jae-won
Tanggal Lahir : 18 Juni 1981 
Tinggi : 183 cm
Berat Badan : 68 kg
Julukan : Little Bae Yong-jun
Pendidikan : Sangmyung University 

Penghargaan yang Diraih : Aktor Paling Populer MBC 2002

Family: Parents and an elder sister. Has two dogs, a maltese called Alan (male) and a cocker spaniel (female)...i think he said alan used to be his favourite but now its...the female dog...(?)
Birthplace: Seoul. But he moved away from Seoul because his father , who was a teacher, changed schools.

Religion: christianity

His attraction :  his smile. people have nicknamed him the one with the killer smile (sha ren wei siao)
His nature : he is an introvert.
Interests : Music and movie appreciation, sports and health related things
Talents : martial arts such as kung fu, tae kwan do and aikido.
Dance  : a little of hip hop.
Ambition when he was little  : he wanted to be a military man
Favourite food  : he likes hot stuff, and likes alcohol. He has a good tolerance of alcohol, and can   easily down 3-4 bottles of alcohol...
Fave colour : black and white
Favourite song  : TOY..the song 'wish'...
Favourite shows  : Hongkong comedies starring Stephen Chow(they translate hk movies in2 korean???) and Scent of a woman
Favourite actors  : Brad Pitt, Sophie Marceau, Stephen Chow
Favourite perfume/cologne: He doesn't have a particular favourite, but he likes Hugo's scent.
Ways to destress  : Sports,erm...chinning exercises(?) not sure, but he says he's not good at ball games
Sleeping pose (?) : 
Most serious moment in life  : When acting
Most fortunate moment in life  : everyday is fortunate
Feeling when acting  : he wants to be an actor who tries hard
Favourite type of girl  : Likes a girl with a frank personality, and is feminine. and understands the type of work he does.
Credits  : rainne , kimjaewonland, kimjaewon.org, onlykimjaewon

Filmografi :

Woori's Family (serial-2001)

wah..wah.. asik bgt ya upload foto kim jae won.. mukanya emang bikin gak bosen- bosen, nah salah satu faktor pendukung film yg di bintanginya selalu nge-trend ya itu dia mukanya.. ck..ck.. aku aja gak bosen2 ngeliat-in film nya.. padahal udah di ulang- ulang.. huaaaah.. fan's nomer satu deh''/.; 

oh yaa.. hari aku jelas kan.. heee.. posting-an hari ini khusus (JUST FOR Kim Jae Won)  Oh ya semoga lancar-lancar terus ya.. film nya, dan tambah banyak ngeluarin film.. OK..OK.. bye..bye.. Posting-an hari ini cukup sekian.. sutradara regina pengen Off dulu.. MUACH...

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